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University Policies & Procedures

Welcome to the FIU Policies and Procedures webpage. Unless there is an exception made FIU issues and maintains all university-wide policies using a consistent process and format. All new and revised university-wide policies must go through this process prior to being issued or changed. The projected timeline for policy development can be accessed here. The process may vary if an existing policy is being substantively revised, non-substantively edited, reviewed and confirmed (ideally every 5 to 8 years), or retired.

The university-wide policy process is managed by the FIU Office of Compliance and Integrity. Individual policies are owned by the Responsible Offices charged with developing, updating, administering, communicating, training, ensuring compliance with, and providing resources to promote adherence to the university-wide policies that it issues.

FIU's policy process is guided by these principles:

  1. The FIU university-wide policy process is transparent and easy to navigate.
  2. The process sets out and follows a timeline for each policy.
  3. University community input and feedback are broadly sought, and valued.
  4. Policy ownership lies with the responsible office/executive.
  5. Policy owners are responsible for reviewing, updating, and retiring policies as needed. At a minimum, policy owners should review their policies every five to eight years.
  6. Leaders, supervisors, managers, and individuals are responsible for understanding, implementing, and enforcing university-wide policies and governing documents.


FIU colleges, departments, units and or offices may also develop policies and procedures to suit their unique needs and operations, provided they do not conflict with university-wide policies. You should contact your local department to identify any unit-level policies that apply to your activities.

The FIU Policies and Procedures Library is the official repository for the university-wide policies and procedures and can be accessed here. The policies on this website are reviewed by university leadership and apply to the entire institution.  Policies define and set a standard for organizational and individual conduct.  They also set expectations and requirements for the administrative operations, by providing a baseline for departments to follow when conducting the business of the university. Policies ensure a consistent understanding and approach to practices across the university.

If you have questions or comments on the University’s policies or procedures, each policy and procedure within the FIU Policies and Procedure Library has a feedback section available for use to increase communication. In addition, you may contact the Office of University Compliance & Integrity via the following contact information:

Address:   Office of University Compliance & Integrity
Modesto Maidique Campus, PC 429
11200 S.W. 8th Street
Miami, FL  33199
Telephone:   (305) 348-2216
Facsimile:   (305) 348-7657
Departmental E-mail:   compliance@fiu.edu