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Employee Code of Conduct

The FIU Employee Code of Conduct is a guiding document of principles and
standards taken from key existing University policies that represent the
University’s dedication to responsible and ethical practices and conduct.

Compliance Matters

FIU’s Compliance & Ethics Newsletter

University Policies and Procedures

Visit the official library for University-wide policies and procedures.

Export Control

FIU recognizes the importance of complying with all U.S. federal export control regulations and is committed to full compliance with these regulations. FIU’s export compliance program is led by the Office of University Compliance and Integrity. Within this office, FIU’s Export Control function is responsible for facilitating our export compliance procedures across all academic, research, operational and business activities.

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Compliance and Ethics Begins With You!

At FIU, our culture of compliance and integrity is driven by our core values and a commitment by our faculty, staff and students to do things the right way.

At FIU, we follow the law and University policies because it is the right thing to do.

At FIU, each one of us has a duty and commitment to uphold the reputation of our University for our employees, our students, and our alumni.

As FIU’s regulatory and compliance environment becomes increasingly complex, the Office of University Compliance & Integrity is here to support you.

  • Learn about the eight elements of an effective compliance and ethics program.
  • Report any instances of known or suspected wrongdoing through FIU’s Ethical Panther Hotline (anonymous reporting option available).
  • Understand how the University’s official policies and procedures apply to you.
  • Engage in Compliance education and training.
  • Browse our website to understand the resources available to support your compliance obligations.