Ethical Panther line: 1-888-520-0570

About Us

The Office of University Compliance & Integrity maintains, fortifies, and continuously improves upon the FIU Compliance and Ethics program in support of the University’s academic, research, and community service activities. Our goal is to promote a culture that encourages ethical conduct and a commitment to compliance with the many laws and regulations that impact our work. The Office of Compliance and Integrity works with various units and departments at the University to:

    • Foster a culture of integrity, trust, and respect which is consistent with the FIU Code of Conduct
    • Provide education and training on compliance-related topics
    • Maintain the FIU Policy Library, the official repository for university-wide policies and procedures
    • Support the process of policy development
    • Explain the responsibilities and obligations of public employees
    • Oversee and manage the Ethical Panther Hotline
    • Offer support, resources, and guidance to identify, assess, and manage risks and opportunities that could impact university success.
    • Provide governance to manage foreign influence and global risk
    • Provide oversight, coordination, and guidance on enterprise-wide compliance activities through the development of effective policies and procedures, education and training, monitoring, communication, enforcement of standards, compliance risk assessment, and responding to reported issues.
    • Oversee compliance related to Health Affairs and Athletics

And if we can’t help you out, we will point you in the right direction and find out who can.

The Office of University Compliance & Integrity is responsible for the design, implementation and maintenance of the Compliance and Ethics Program at FIU. The Chief Compliance Officer reports functionally to the Board of Trustees and administratively to the University President.

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